About Telleapp Stickers

Texting is our refuge

Any reason is a good reason to text our girlfriends: the hot delivery guy just made his daily rounds and we *think* he actually
winked at us today/ we finished reading the best book. Ever/ we just had a whole pint of ice cream.

When we can’t decide what to wear on a date,
(the blue flow-y dress with the cleavage, OR a casual, distressed jeans, tee and a suede jacket kind of look) -
We send pictures to our girlfriends and they advise.

No need to create the perfect filtered picture for social media or to record a witty video.

Texting is our stream of unfiltered self expression

..and our girlfriends are the ones we can be ourselves with

It is *almost* like having them face to face.

But not quite. Words can never replace facial expressions.

…and if a picture is worth a thousand words?

A Sticker is worth a thousand smirks

We created Telleapp stickers because we love stickers and emojis but couldn’t find stickers we can truly relate to.
We wanted chic stickers, which look like women, not girl caricatures or animals.

Beautiful but relatable, diverse, and with attitude. Like us.

Like you and your crew

Because your girl talk should be unfiltered, imperfect and wildly expressive. Even if it is on your phone.

We hope you love these stickers as much as we enjoyed creating them.

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We actually respond.

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